One-on-One Coaching
The Cooper Training Institute was founded in 2009 by powerlifting Coach Zac Cooper as a means of working 1-on-1 with clients with varying goals and backgrounds.

Since 2009, CTI's mission has remained the same:  to use science-based, research-backed, championship performance-proven programming and exercise prescription to improve the lives of each and every client.

A true approach to improving your total by focusing on the mechanics and analyzing your form in each lift.  Personal coaching includes:
  • Weekly phone or video meetings discussing your goals, competition schedule, training obstacles or any other training questions from the week's training when needed
  • Written and verbal feedback on submitted videos with appropriate modifications to your biomechanics and program design
  • Recommendations and instruction on proper mobility movements to perform and their application to the mechanics of each of the power lifts.
  • Weekly delivered personalized programs which are modified and changed based upon performance and feedback from the previous week
  • Development and preparation of a game plan for competition day, including warm-ups, attempts, performance check-lists, as well as analysis of the competition attempts
  • OPTION: For USA Powerlifting athletes competing, day of meet coaching is available for most national meets.  

Consulting Services

Are you an athlete or coach looking for more specific assistance?  Please reach out to see how Cooper Training Institute can help with any of the following areas:

  • Individualized custom program design
  • Competition game day strategy
  • Equipped powerlifting assistance: general questions regarding equipped lifting
  • Championship/competition meet prep questions
  • Biomechanical video analysis of your lifts to improve movement efficiency, including any corrective exercise approach(es)
  • Unique athlete challenges