"I feel like Zac is there with me all the time, since we are in different states, but I really feels as if he is coaching me like he is standing next to me during all my sets. I would reccomend CTI because Zac does anything in his power to make our schedules line up even though we both lead crazy lives"

-Alexandra Ziepke


"I've never been associated with anyone in the coaching arena who is more enthusiastic and related to their lifters with a more positive attitude. His unique ability to relate to the lifters and bring out their best is the basis of his success. This is not to suggest that his academic ability lacks, as his technical and physiological knowledge, combined with his love of the sport and its history, makes him a multidimensional specialist and coach."

-Dr. Billy jack Talton
All-time winingest coach in collegiate powerlifting

The Father of Louisiana Powerlifting

"He took care of me, brought me to the stage and felt like it was just another day at the gym. This is the best system to follow. This is the best guy to work with. You can try different systems, but I suggest you choose Zac Cooper."

-Kostadin Bachevanov

"He is very easy to connect with. He has coached people with all different training abilities. He has coached novices, high school students, and people who have never seen a barbell or stepped into a weight room. All the way up to intermediate and elite athletes, college and world team athletes.... He will give you the right training to make you the best program to fit your needs and goals."

-James Freeman