CTI Powerlifting Mechanics Analysis & Distance Programming

Zac Cooper has a Bachelor’s of Science in Health & Exercise Science, with an emphasis in exercise physiology from Truman State University and a Master’s of Science in Exercise Science, with an emphasis in strength and conditioning from Louisiana Tech University.  He’s a personal trainer certified by the National Strength & Conditioning Association.

Zac also holds certifications as a Level 1 Sports Performance Coach by USA Weightlifting, and as a club coach and National Referee with USA Powerlifting. In his capacity as a powerlifting coach, he’s been the coach of Truman State, Louisiana Tech Universities’ Powerlifting Programs, as well as assistant coach of the Northeastern University Powerlifting Programs. In 2006, while coaching at Louisiana Tech, the Men’s & Women’s Powerlifting Teams won both Team National Championships and he was the Collegiate National Coach of the Year. More recently, he served as the Assistant Coach for Team USA at the Pan-American Powerlifting Championships in 2013, and at the North American Powerlifting Championships in 2013 & 2014.

Since 2006, Zac has given clinics in Missouri, Louisiana, Texas, and Massachusetts talking about the importance of proper mechanics in the power lifts. In each and every high school, gym, conference and organization meeting he has spoken at, he has always maintained that the key to minimizing injury and maximizing performance is a well-educated and trained coach, and properly executed lifts done with efficient mechanics.Since his practice began operation outside of Boston, his mission has remained constant… helping others succeed and improve the quality of their lives with the help of proper exercise and utilizing programming that is both effective, and safe. There are no gimmicks, this isn’t a fad; there are no cult-like programs or crazy diets, no do we advocate whatever the latest craze may be. We do not teach complicated lifts in a group format requiring advanced instruction… with minimal supervision. What we do, we do well… and the proof is in the results.

  • A true approach to improving your total by focusing on the mechanics and analyzing your form in each lift
  • Weekly Phone and Video meetings discussing your goals, competition schedule, and obstacles
  • Written and verbal feedback on submitted workout videos with appropriate modifications to your biomechanics and program design
  • Recommendations and instruction on proper mobility movements to perform and their application to the mechanics of each of the power lifts.
  • Weekly delivered personalized programs which are modified and changed based upon performance and feedback from the previous week
  • Development and preparation of a gameplan for competition day, including warm-ups, attempts, performance check-lists, as well as analysis of the competition attempts
  • OPTION: For USA Powerlifting athletes competing nationally, day of meet coaching is available for most national meets

Truthfully, a coach is one of the most valuable things you can have when training and competing as a powerlifter. The longer you can train injury free, with proper programming and intensity progression, the greater your results… which equals success.


At the request of several former clients, as well as other athletes, the Mechanics Analysis & Distance Programming portion of CTI was started in 2013 as a pilot program to see if there was a need for this service. Starting in 2015 we have decided to expand this portion of the business and officially offer it to the public.